Is it classist

to be passive

about the systems that rule us?

Drawn from the top down
getting wider it’s ruthless,
close to caving in but the foundations
they screw us.

Raise your flag, raise your fist, raise your expectations higher
or it’s useless?

Where is the youth, Miss?
The teacher holds her trembling finger
30 years reading textual history
she hears her.

It’s you, kid.
Never lose your faith to do
what’s true is all that matters.

Despite the toxic vernacular
that started to shatter
any faith she had left for her own self

she knew.

That systems rule us
correct, yes!
But systematic undressing of
your best yet
born from the “no”s and the “not quite ready pet”s
only serves to rule
white men in posh vests
slopping caviar on their best dress.

Time rewinds.
Slowly the teacher’s hand declines.
And the voice she had remained inside.

Do not systemise
with the eyes
of those who ruled us once.

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